Rutger Muller Ensemble

Rutger Muller Ensemble

Winternights Maastricht

Saturday 16 December 2017 / n.t.b. / AINSI, Maastricht

Fragile abstractions of classical, electronic and avant-garde music ― with improvisations in a ritual environment.

 Through composition and improvisation, the performance ‘Processive’ explores spiritual music and ritual performance in times of globalised digital culture. Mystic drones, patterns and silences shape a deep listening environment, in which Muller, Josephine Bode (Recorder, voice) and Wen Chin Fu (cello) cut through time and space by intricately abstracting elements of ancient music, baroque, avant-garde, ambient and new age.



Because of the succes of last year, this year a second edition of Winternights!

Initiators SoAP & VIA ZUID, together with new partners partners C-TaktGOTRAINTROFASHIONCLASH and SALLY, proudly invite you to visit Winternights 2017. A nice occasion to get to know the talents of tomorrow, their works and their vision of the world.

Winternights is a preview festival during which creative talents treat the public to ‘finished’ performances, work in progress and experements. On Friday 15 and Saturday 16 December 2017, 17 makers will show their works and what they have to offer in all the nooks and crannies of this nice old factory (AINSI). A collection of makers who are connected in their search for a new language, in theater, visual arts and music; who have left the comfortable pluche of the hall behind them and present their work in unconventional locations. The programme features a selection of young makers assembled by:  :
C-TaktFASHIONCLASHINTROSALLY Dansgezelschap Maastricht, GOTRA I Joost Vrouenraets, SoAP and VIA ZUID

 soap-it.eu | www.viazuid.com | www.c-minecultuurcentrum.be/nl/projecten/c-takt |
www.gotra.nl | www.introinsitu.nl | www.fashionclash.nl  | www.sallydansgezelschapmaastricht.nl