Rutger Muller

My electro-acoustic music represents my search for new cross-cultural identity and spirituality in a time of globalised digital communication. I take influences from (western and non-western) classical and early music, fused with elements of ambient-techno.

Like the spectral composers of the 20th century, I am greatly fascinated by the intricacy of acoustic instrument textures, and about finding new ways of bringing them to the foreground through technological transformations and avant-garde instrumental techniques. Combined with my love for rhythm, this lead me to develop a personal aesthetic, in which textures are amplified and carried by slowly evolving patterns, drifting drones, grotesque acoustics, experimental grooves and silences.


Rutger Muller

Technological Abstraction

Tuesday 17 October 2017 / 20:30 / Intro (Muziekgieterij), Maastricht

 “Miles away from even a lot of the post-classical music you hear these days, this is driving, jazz-inflected experimental electronic music deeply rooted in classical instrumentation and form.” – CDM.com about the album demo (2015)

Electro-acoustic composer and performer Rutger Muller fuses ambient and techno music with elements of ancient and contemporary classical genres. Muller is fascinated by technology’s potential to reflect upon spiritual and instrumental traditions. Through sampling, sound design and computer-instrumentalist collaborations, he aims to shape a contemporary mysticism that juxtaposes the stress of global communication on the tranquility of spiritual drones and rhythms.

Entrance: Free