Sara Gilis & Pol Meunier –  豪傑児雷也

Sara Gilis & Pol Meunier – 豪傑児雷也

P(l)ay what you want

Thursday 02 March 2017 / 20:30 / Intro (werkplaats), Maastricht

Jiraiya The Hero (Shōzō Makino, 1921) is one of the first Tokusatsu (special effects) movies made in Japan. The lead character is folklore here Jiraiya, a ninja who can fly, change his appearance and even teleport.

Sara Gilis and Pol Meunier improvise and experiment with traditional Japanese elements in a contemporary context during their performance.

This silent short film was the inspiration for their lengthy soundscape, situated somewhere between east and west.

Entrance: Pay what you want!