Wednesday 04 March 2020 / 20.00 (doors) 21.00 (start) / Muziekgieterij, Maastricht

Slumberland embraces experimentation. The band around sound artist Jochem Baelus brings a whole truckload of homebuilt mechanical instruments to the stage, two drummers, enchanting Krautrock/Postpuck infused with echoes of overdriven exotics, dusty soundtracks and inebriating rock & roll masters.

Released in the spring of 2019, his sophomore release ‘Sea, sea, sea, drifter sounds more raw, obscure and and explosive than it’s predecessor. The songs contain a constant friction between tactile structures and minimalist melodies from which Baelus’ dark vocals emerge more and more as he manifests himself as the master of ceremonies.

Jochem Baelus has been moving through the Dutch/Belgian musical landscape with his assortment of repurposed film projectors, sewing machines since 2013. After releasing his debut on ‘De zesde Kolonne’ in that  same year he convinced audiences of his Lynchian character with his mix of obscure and veiled songs. A character he was already known for from other bands such as Echo Beatty. This was also noticed by bands like Tindersticks and King Dude who he later went on to share the stage with.

After a lot of solo shows he decided to expand the band to a trio in 2018. Two drummers; Alfredo Bravo (Flying Horseman) and Frederik Meulyzer (Stray Dogs) provide the organic, physical counterweight to all the mechanical violence. Performances by this band are known for the intense live experience they provide in which the audience becomes a slave to a collective timeless ritual. Or as HUMO once put it: “Beautiful to see, delicious to hear”.

Entrance: €15,- Click for tickets!

www.thelostrodeorider.com/slumberland | www.muziekgieterij.nl