Songs of Doubt

Musica Sacra

Sunday 20 September 2015 / 15:15 / Bordenhal, Maastricht

The composition Songs of Doubt is a song cycle consisting of 10 songs. The musical language will be very familiar to most listeners as it contains references to pop, blues and soul music.
Beneath this surface of accessible music however, the simplicity of music (or life!) is challenged by a disorder in the direction of time.


The music in Songs of Doubt can be experienced just for what it is – melodies and chords. Alternatively one can experience the process of manipulating the temporal aspect of music, thereby interrupting and complicating it.
This process can lead to reflections of a more philosophical or existential nature.

Like a Janus-head the music seems to be looking both forward and backward – alternating between prospect and retrospect, between expectation and memory.
The piece is shaped as a series of very simple songs that undergo the complications of decision – of doubt and hesitation.

‘Songs of Doubt’ for choir, male solo voice and Ondes Martenot is a commission by Intro  and written for Studium Chorale, Nathalie Forget and Roderik Povel.
Music, text and video by Niels Rønsholdt, duration ca. 50 min.

Entrance: €12,00 (tickets? click HERE!)

This production will also appear on November Music!

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