Taejung Kim & Moritz Schippers & Gionata Giordina

Taejung Kim & Moritz Schippers & Gionata Giordina

Seven Days Trio

Tuesday 09 January 2018 / 20:30 / Intro (Muziekgieterij), Maastricht

Three friends from three countries make music together…

the Seven Days Trio unites three musicians without borders with Taejung Kim (guitar), Gionata Giordina (drums) and Moritz Schippers (Hammond organ). Ever since they first met in the Netherlands, they met again for a short time to record and perform music. Their repertoire consists of the idiosyncratic compositions of the band members and their role models and mentors. Modern jazz, poppy forms and spherical sounds meet and form a wide range of music – always fresh, rough and adventurous.

Entrance: Free