Ramon Lormans: Marimba
Aart Strootman: Guitars
Rogier Telderman: Piano
Fred Jacobsson: Bass



Minimal Chamber Metal

Tuesday 10 November 2015 / 20:30 / Intro (werkplaats),

Does ‘minimal chamber metal’ cover it?

What happens when you put a jazz pianist, an exact percussionist, a classically trained electric  guitarist and a metal bass player in one ensemble?
Meet TEMKO, an adventurous ensemble with very much an own sound that keeps the middle ground between improve, minimal music, and contemporary composed music.

Mixed minimal chamber metal

‘Mixed minimal chamber metal’, is how the quartet describes it’s pioneering. – new sound that always seems to sprout from intersections between different genres and disciplines.
TEMKO mainly performs their own works, but also invites internationally recognised composers and performers to co-develop  a new sonic universe.

TEMKO performs and works with the attitude of a pop group, and it combines musical styles in their own unique way.
(Bert Palinckx, artistic director November Music)

Entrance: Free