TEMKO & Philharmonie Zuidnederland

TEMKO & Philharmonie Zuidnederland

Darkness Rises

Wednesday 18 January 2017 / 20:30 / Muziekgieterij, Maastricht
Thursday 19 January 2017 / 20:30 / Koepelhal, Tilburg
Friday 20 January 2017 / 20:30 / Klokgebouw, Eindhoven

Commissioned by Intro, Aart Strootman presented the composition Darkness Rises with his ensemble TEMKO during Sonic Science festival 2015

In 2016 Darkness Rises was released on cd. Darkness Rises was inspired by the last communication NASA had with space probe Pioneer 10 in 2003. Now in 2017 they will perform the full album together with Philharmonie Zuidnederland!

Darkness Rises

On the 22nd of January 2003 NASA succeeded in laying contact with Pioneer 10 for the very last time. The space probe was launched in 1972. This transmission – sent over a distance of 8 bilion kilometers – marks the last we will ever hear from it and also the last it will ever hear from us. Decked out with the finest equipment available in the seventies the probe is now on an eternal journey through the expance of space.
Guitarist Aart Strootman and his ensemble TEMKO will perform Darkness Rises during “Spicy Classics” 2017. A synergy between music and technology. The last dataset received by Nasa from Pioneer 10 has been transformed into music.


Darkness Rises is supported by a film from director Dries Alkemade. The film contains images from space that try to capture Pioneer 10’s mysterious journey.


Tickets for the different performances can be ordered through: www.spicyclassics.nl or through the website of the Philharmonie: www.philharmoniezuidnederland.nl

Entrance: €7,50