Tin Men and the Telephone

Wednesday 02 September 2015 / 20:30 / Intro (werkplaats), Maastricht

Tin Men and the Telephone’s (TMT) band members share a great enthusiasm. They are convinced that there is still a lot of room for discovery in improvised music.

Three musicians, grown up under the influence of (modern) classical music, hip-hop, Balkan and contemporary Jazz, present improvised music in a new shape. Provoking, seducing, comical, evil, but always with great musical depth and strong rythms. For people who want to experience something new… For TMT music and images are always connected. The repertoire? A complete rendition of Messiaen’s ‘Danse de la Fureur’ in jazz jargon, an arrangement of the Nokia ringtone, jazz by and for animals and a little nostalgic jazz from times long gone. In this performance by TMT everyday occurrences from daily life are a big source of musical, theatrical and visual inspiration. Elements that are usually left unnoticed are picked up on and processed. Through subtle, almost invisible, use of technical means, music and its surroundings are brought together to create a dialogue.

Pianist Tony Roe is TMTs bandleader and is responsible for the artistic concept and the compositions. He received his Masters Degree at the Amsterdam conservatoire in 2009, graduating with full marks and distinction. Tin Men and the Telephone recently released their debut album ‘Moetjenou!? Line-up: Tony Roe – piano and electronics, Lucas Dols – bass – Bobby Petrov – Drums.

This concert is brought to you by Conservatorium Maastricht and Jazz Maastricht