Tom Sanderman

Tom Sanderman

Summer evening concerts at the Cellebroeders Chapel

Wednesday 17 July 2019 / 21:00 / Cellebroederskapel, Maastricht

Intro during the Summer

Summer evening concerts at the Cellebroeders Chapel.

Looking to refresh yourself after a warm summer’s day in Maastricht? Come and visit our Summer evening concerts in the Cellebroeders Chapel in July; a unique monument situated in a cool hidden location in the middle of town. Enjoy the beautiful Saxophone sounds of Tom Sanderman (17 July), experience a moment of stillness with clarinettist Germaine Sijstermans and her group (26 July) or chill out with Oliver Verse’s subdued solo pop (31 July). Entrance to one concert costs €10,- or visit all three for €20,- (ex. service charge)

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Tom Sanderman

Young Saxophonist Tom Sanderman really put himself on the map when he released his debut album The River Beneath Us. This virtuos has a real passion for the enchanting sounds of minimal music. In his newest programme Whoever you are come forth he looks into the future and presents works by Dutch post minimalist composers. Composers who manage to transport the magic of the hypnotic repetitions of minimal music into the 21st century completely in their own way.

About his collaborations with his favourite composers Tom says: ‘Anthony Fiumara, Aart Strootma, Kate Moore and Remy Alexander are all enthusiasts and inspire me with their creations’. It was obvious to me to collaborate with them and also a great honour. The creation of new works through tight collaboration creates excellent and unique results and gives me the opportunity to share this music with my audience in a very personal way.


Remy Alexander – Sleeping Water

Anthony Fiumara – Redshift

Kate Moore – Whoever You Are Come Forth

Aart Strootman – Floating Points on a Fixed Monorail