Nicoline Soeter: Composition and text
Nina Willems: Actrice
Rianne Wilbers: Soprano
Tom Sanderman: Saxophones
Erwin Muller: Clarinets
Reggy van Bakel: Percussion
Mei-Yi Lee: Percussion
Marc van Vliet: Scenography
Robin Coops: Direction advisor
Pietjan Dusee: Text Advisor





Sunday 26 November 2017 / 16:00 / Intro (Muziekgieterij), Maastricht

Five musicians and an actrice move in and around five beautifully crafted wooden display cabinets. A living sound installation that can at the same time be museum, inner world, working place or public space.

Musical theatre, inspired by a 17th century curiosity cabinet by Frederik Ruysch, professor of anatomy, zoologist and botanist from Amsterdam. In a curiosity cabinet one would collect insects, gems, exotic plants and anatomical objects. They were not only the first museums, but also used as labs for scientific research. It is this combination that is used in a poetic sense in Wunderkammer.

Wunderkammer is a performance about wonder, about curiosity as a driving force. The main character in Wunderkammer collects ideas. As actrice Nina Willems puts it in the performance: “Ideas are resources. An unlimited supply. The only supply that does not run dry as people use it more”. The music is at some points a lively, fantastical depiction of curiosity cabinets; a wavy undercurrent of sound at others.

Entrance:  €10,- / €5,- (presale ex service charge)  €15,- / €7,50 (at the door)

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