Autonomy & Engagement

Tuesday 29 March 2016 / 20:30 / Intro (werkplaats),

Young Ensemble VONK plays contemporary music in a theatrical setting

Vonk played their debut concert at Theater De NWE Vorst in Tilburg during a symposium where current developments in art, culture and society were central themes. Performances during festival Incubate and November Music ensued. Now they are working on a new challenge; by invitation of Tilburg University and Concertseries De Link they are performing a programme centered around Autonomy & Engagement.

VONK is: Rinanne Wilbers – Soprano, Nicoline Soeter – artistic direction and composition, Aart Strootman – guitars & composition, Tom Sanderman – saxophones, Reggy van Bakel – Percussion, Erwin Muller – Clarinets, Peerke Malschaert – stage direction.


Entrance: Free