Wil Boesten

WIL BOESTEN is the author of the novels 'Spiltijd, 'Tot de regen komt' and 'Grond'. He published articles in several different literary magazines. He also works as a translator.
During the writing of 'Grond' he joined/followed Teus Nobel and his band. This contact resulted in a series of performances with three of the most prominent jazz talents of this moment.

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Wil Boesten – Grond

Jazz & Literature

Sunday 18 December 2016 / 16:00 / Intro (werkplaats), Maastricht

Boesten turns out to be a marvelous writer, who is able to convincingly convey jazz-improvisation on paper’ – Jazzism

Wil Boesten wrote Grond, a novel about jazz trumpeter Lucas Lels who finds himself stranded at New York airport and faces new as well as old demons. Back in the Netherlands his doubt transforms into a paralysing form of stage fright.

In order to gain a deeper understanding of jazz and trumpet playing Wil Boesten accompanied jazz trumpeter Teus Nobel. He attended concerts, rehearsals and conversations between musicians. In this way a special cooperation developed: the musician became not only an important source of information, but also of inspiration. Through music, quotes and small scenes the author managed to quite literally make the novel more musical and even add a bit of swing. Reinier Baas also played a remarkable role in the development of the novel.

This special cooperation between musician and novelist is now brought to the jazz stage. An ad-hoc ensemble consisting of Wil Boesten (narrator) and none other than young jazz talents Teus Nobel (trumpet), Alexander van Popta (piano) and Reinier Baas (guitar) bring a programme with literature and jazz. The quartet interweaves pieces of text from GROND with improvisations, and takes the spectator on a journey through the story of jazz trumpeter Lucas Lels.

Pictures: Wouter Schenk/Donata van de Ven
Made possible by: SLIM

Entrance: €9,- / €4,50

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