Zamenhof Project: Breaking the Codes

Zamenhof Project: Breaking the Codes

(Jerzy Bielski/Futurists/Gaudeamus)

Sunday 08 September 2019 / NTB / Moresnet, Kelmis

As of 2017 Polish composer Jerzy Bielski will be artist in residence at Gaudeamus. As such he will get an intensive working period for his expressive music theatre productions. Bielski’s residency is supported by a Nieuwe Makers grant from the Fonds Podiumkunsten.

In 2008 Bielski decided to become a professional jazz musician and got his BA at Middlesex University in London. However, in the meantime Jerzy managed to develop his passion for experimental, improvised sounds coming out of his Minimoog synth, playing, recording two albums and touring with a quartet Lanza! To divert from his not always straight path even more, he started his numerous attempts of organising the chaos of free improvisation and his own life, by putting it on paper in the form of dots and lines.

Jerzy Bielski is one of the talented young music pioneers Gaudeamus Muziekweek has been closely monitoring. At the festival 2015 his performance (not only) Futurists, for which he won the Amsterdam Fringe Award, was on the programme and in 2016 his music theatre production, with the wonderful title + – /, 1 = _; X%, was performed.

Tickets will become available shortly. There will be tickets including and excluding the bus journey from Maastricht to Moresnet. The tickets including the bus journey also include a meal.