Print your own torso

Print your own torso

WE Festival

zaterdag 30 april 2016 / 13:00 - 17:00

3D yourself!

In this workshop we will build a torso/bust together, which can be used for sewing purposes.
It is extremely handy to have three-dimensional print of your own body if you want to make your own clothes and it is also great just to see yourself from a third person perspective, since you never really do (looking at the mirror is still different).
There is quite a simple technique which you have to tape yourself for (not directly on cloth/skin). Since you cannot tape yourself, it would be handy to either come with a partner or not to be shy to tape someone you don’t know. It is a quite intimate taping process. 😉

Usually it would be then filled with some foam that is used for constructions. This is quite expensive, therefore we will either such for an alternative filling or you can fill it yourself at home or leave it unfilled and make a lamp out of it. (It shines really cool)

To get the materials needed it would be handy to know how many people are coming, so it would be great if you sign up via email: nina@walczok.de

Participation costs: 3,50€

Hope to see you there!

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